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The Next Doctor Spoilers

December 18th, 2008 (02:02 pm)

Here and a slightly less spoilery review here.

Hrm. I honestly have no idea where this episode is going.

Morrissey isn't the Doctor because his TARDIS is that hot air balloon, and the Doctor's TARDIS doesn't change shape. And I have a harder time believing that RTD would let the TARDIS change shape than I do that Morrissey is the Doctor. Plus, the Doctor gave away his fob watch.

Which means SOMEONE in that episode has to be a Time Lord. I'm gonna be bold and say he's the Meddling Monk. (Even though I toyed a bit with him being the Master earlier, I decided it was too complicated.) I think the guy who reported that the Monk was gonna be Patrick Stewart was a lying liar face, but they did put the Time Meddler on DVD recently and the spoilers involve mentioning the size of the TARDIS in question and that someone jack's the Doctor's TARDIS at the end. And if that's not the MO of the Monk, what is?

Poor Rosita is going to bite it hard, though, because she's black AND A PROSTITUTE.